3 wonderful ways to include succulents in your wedding décor:

Your wedding décor is important to you. After all, it will create a special atmosphere around your entire wedding and it will definitely contribute to making your guests feel excellent while there. If you want to be really unique in the way you decorate your wedding, don’t forget to take succulents into consideration. Why would you choose them and how to include them in your décor? Here are some tips to inspire you:


  • Succulents are wonderful because they are fresh, beautiful and more than versatile. They look marvelous both when it comes to rustic-chic weddings and when it comes to classy, elegant weddings and they can fit into a multitude of wedding themes too.
  • If you want your guests to leave your wedding with a beautiful, original wedding favor, offer them small teacups filled with various types of succulents. Don’t forget to choose teacups that are beautifully decorated because they will contribute to the actual wedding décor too!
  • Instead of traditional centerpieces, you could also create succulent centerpieces in letter-shaped containers. This can double as “wedding table names” as well, if you want to and it will add a dash of uniqueness to your entire wedding. Also, you can simply spell out the word “LOVE” (or any other word) by using these letter-shaped succulents and it will be just as cute!
  • Place your escort cards in large succulent vases so that your guests pick them out from there. This looks marvelous right at the entrance of a wedding – and it will look even more beautiful if you plan an outdoor wedding.


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