Take into consideration these planning tips for your wedding

Here at Fiori di Miele, we definitely understand how much care for detail, how much time and how much effort go into planning the perfect wedding. So we definitely understand what you are going through as well.

What are some of the best wedding planning tips to take into consideration? We have gathered them right below – so read on and plan your dream wedding in a healthier, smoother and truly flawless way.

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  • The food. Be sure the food you serve at your wedding is in no way less than impeccably cooked and very well presented. There might be some fussy eaters too – but, as long as everyone else enjoys the meal, you will be more than fine. Also, here’s an extra tip: prepare some midnight snacks too, especially if you plan on extending the event with an after-party too.
  • The cake. Your wedding cake is one of the most expected moments of the Big Day – so make sure there’s plenty to go around. Everyone at the wedding should have at least one slice – and this includes the potential “surprise guests” too! It is much better to have cake leftovers (and share them with the wedding party), rather than sit by awkwardly and watch people who haven’t been served with anything.
  • The expectations. Your wedding is going to be amazing no matter what. This is a highly important event in your life and you will create gorgeous memories for the decades to come! However, be sure your expectations are always realistic when it comes to pretty much everything wedding planning-related: from the amount of weight you want to lose before the wedding to the total sum of money you want to pay for the event, everything should be within reasonable, healthy and realistic lines.

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Searching for a fantastic wedding planner to help you with all this and so much more? Contact Fiori di Miele! We would be more than happy to create the picture-perfect Big Day you’ve always dreamed of!

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