Add a touch of Fall to your wedding by including these elegant ideas:

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Oh, fall weddings! Of all the seasons, fall is considered to be one of the most beautiful and romantic ones – especially when it comes to weddings. Are you one of the lucky ones tying the knot this season? If so, we have gathered some truly elegant ideas for you to incorporate into your Big Day – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Dark-colored bridesmaids’ dresses. No, your bridesmaids do not have to wear bright or pastel colors. As a matter of fact, their dresses will look gorgeous in chocolate, black or plum shades too. Even more, make sure your bridesmaids are kept warm with a shawl or scarf that elegantly complements their attires.
  • Purple bridal bouquet. Want to add a touch of romantic darkness to your bridal bouquet too? Combine dark red and purple into a flower bouquet that’s haunting, mysterious and full of romance too. This works with just about any type of fall wedding theme, but it would look seriously stunning with an elegant Halloween wedding too!
  • Unforgettable fall-inspired centerpieces. Create centerpieces with fall’s most gorgeous elements: superbly colored fallen leaves, berries, fruit and vibrant fall flowers. For a touch of complete uniqueness, complement your centerpieces with dripping crystals, candles and/or lights.
  • Elegant tablecloths. Want every single detail of your wedding décor to be perfect? Go for table linens that are full of opulence and classiness. For instance, a black and white damask tablecloth would look gorgeous with a very colorful centerpiece.

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