Afraid you’ll have a boring wedding? Here are some entertainment ideas your guests will surely love:

Of all the nightmares a bride-to-be can have, the one where her wedding is a complete, boring disaster is one of the worst. How to make sure your wedding is not boring and that your guests are truly enjoying themselves?


We have gathered some of the best tips – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Help people truly connect to each other. Having a successful rehearsal dinner is the first step to making sure your most important guests actually get some time to spend with each other (and thus, to get comfortable with each other too). Also, creating a well thought-of seating arrangement is another very important step to making sure everyone will get along.
  • Have a schedule… and stick to it. Don’t make your guests wait for you too much while you shoot the wedding photos. Also, make sure you put a time limit on the toasts too. There’s nothing worse for a guest than to listen to endless speeches. A few short and sweet toasts are more than fine – but make sure you talk to the people who are going to give them and that they will keep them as short as possible.
  • Good food, great drinks, unique ideas and a dash of entertainment – this is usually the best recipe for the perfect wedding. Think outside of the box and don’t be afraid to be a bit non-traditional. Even more, relax and enjoy the wedding yourself – your guests don’t want to see you sad and stressed out!


Fiori di Miele can help you plan the perfect wedding – so if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you put all the details together and create a wedding that’s truly unforgettable – both for you and for your guests too!

Photo source: NickNguyen amerainey