Allow your wedding to be illuminated with these lovely lights

Your wedding illumination is truly crucial for the success of the entire Big Day. The right lighting can enhance your wedding theme, it can send out a message and, ultimately, it can make your wedding ambiance feel warmer, more welcoming and more romantic.

But what are some of the loveliest and prettiest types of lights couples include in their wedding day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • If you want to have an outdoor ceremony at night, sparklers are a gorgeous choice. They will make your wedding ceremony exit feel truly romantic and magical, and they will also be a great source of entertainment for the guests too. This will make for some gorgeous pictures!
  • Festoon lights. Planning a rustic-chic or outdoor wedding? Festoon lights are almost a must! They are simple, pretty and natural, and they are more than versatile, as you can play around with where you put them and the effect they create. Also, fairy lights are similar to the festoon ones, but they are smaller in size, making them more suitable for whimsical wedding themes.
  • Hanging lights. Want to play around with your venue and create more intimacy at each table? Hanging lights are an elegant and unique option! What’s more, they are also quite versatile too, as they come in many shapes and sizes, suitable for multiple types of weddings.
  • Illuminated letters. For a romantic, but modern effect, write “love” (or any other cute message) with illuminated marquee letters. They look spectacular, they add a dash of glamor to the wedding, and they can also send out a powerful message too!


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Photo sources: NicoleAbalde EpicFireworks