Are you the Maid-of-Honor? Make sure to write the best speech!

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As a Maid of Honor, you feel truly blessed. You have been chosen to be the honor attendant for your best friend’s wedding – and that can mean a lot. However, you also know that this role comes with a lot of responsibility – and one of your most important tasks is that of writing the perfect wedding speech for the lovely bride and her amazing groom.

How to do that? How to write a speech that will leave everyone with a smile on their faces? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Start early and take it step by step. Nobody expects you to write a good speech in a few minutes, so starting early is your best option if you want to make sure the speech you give at your friend’s wedding is truly remarkable.

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  • Keep it short and sweet. Your speech shouldn’t be longer than 5 minutes (but this is something the bride will decide according to her day-of schedule, so check it with her first). Keeping the speech short and sweet will leave guests with a great impression and it will help you avoid getting them bored in any way.
  • Follow the pattern. Of course, your speech is completely original, but if you feel lost and don’t know where to start, using the “classic pattern” should be helpful. Generally speaking, good speeches have an introduction (your name and your relationship with the bride), an anecdote (which usually shows what an amazing person the bride is), a mention of the groom (and how he’s perfect for the bride) and a closing line (wishing the couple the best for their new life).

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