Are you aware of the sexy bride look and the designers behind them?

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Your wedding gown should speak about you and who you are. It should be molded on your style and on your beliefs, on your personality and on your very own unique take on fashion. It shouldn’t bow to tradition or other completely outdated rules that have no place in a world where women do not only have successful careers, but are more aware of their bodies and sexuality and more outspoken against discrimination than they have ever been.

The sexy bride look is an amazing option for women who want to feel self-confident and absolutely glamorous as they walk down the aisle. What are the key elements of such a look and who are the designers to look into? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • The sexy bride look is very much inspired by the Mediterranean vibes – so it’s really no wonder why so many sexy designs come from Israel. These designs incorporate gorgeous see-through fabrics, as well as beautifully revealing necklines and low backs. They are sexy, they are glamorous and they feel as if they were torn out of a red carpet event.

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  • Some of the most Israeli designers famous for their sexy designs include Alon Livné, Mira Zwillinger, Inbal Dror and Pnina Tornai. Their dresses are inspiring, revealing and elegant at the same time – and they have the power to make a bride feel drop-down-gorgeous.
  • The sexy wedding dress trend can be noticed at designers outside of Israel too. Athens-based designer Christos Costarellos, as well as Lebanese designers Zuhair Murad, Elie Saab and Sandra Mansour are all known for their fabulous sexy dresses too. While not all of them may be created specifically for brides, they can very easily be switched to a stunning bridal look.

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