Being pregnant is a beautiful time in a woman’s life, and you should definitely embrace it as a pregnant bride!

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Being an expecting mother is one of the most beautiful feelings that can happen to a woman – and that is the most important reason for which you should embrace your pregnancy even if you plan on being a bride as well. How can you do that? Here are some wonderful tips on how to show just how pride you are of your baby bump!

  • Choose the right dress. Every pregnant bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day and your baby bump should not stop you from feeling great about your appearance! Regardless of whether you choose to show off your pregnancy or if you choose to be more discrete about it, make sure the size of your dress is adequate. Measure yourself around the bust and add one inch for each month there is still to go before the wedding date. Take a look at a wedding dress sizing chart, see where you fall within the new measurements and go one size larger.
  • Make sure you choose comfortable shoes too. Remember that you are carrying two people and that means that high heels are not a great idea. However, the great news is that these days you can find comfortable shoes that look just as stunning as the less comfy ones too!
  • Organize a virgin bar. While your guests might want to have alcoholic beverages at your wedding, you will not be able to allow yourself to do that. To make this special (both for you and for the guests who don’t want alcohol), create a virgin signature cocktail to pamper yourself with throughout the reception.

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