Calligraphy is a great accent for your wedding décor

Fiori di Miele

Calligraphy can add a dash of personality and a good dose of coziness, warmth and elegance – especially when it comes to weddings, where success lies in making the event feel personal and timeless at the same time.

How to incorporate beautiful calligraphy into your wedding décor? We have some amazing ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • On the shoes. Write a pretty message on the bottom of your wedding shoes and you will feel as if you’re walking on Cloud Nine! The message can be fun, it can be sentimental or it can simply be about your wedding date – whatever it is, though, we guarantee it will make for some amazing photos.

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  • Big readers? Bring this into your Big Day with some gorgeous, nature-inspired bookmarks to offer as wedding favors. Write beautiful calligraphy words on the bookmarks to make them appear more sophisticated and unique – the effort will more than pay off.
  • On the centerpieces. Every table needs to look splendid at your wedding – so why not make things more unique and elegant by using calligraphy on your centerpieces? The vases, wooden logs, the place cards – they can all be beautified by calligraphy.
  • On the signs. Invite your guests to grab a bite or take a seat with fun puns written on blackboards, with calligraphy. This will incorporate a lot of trends popular at the moment and it will surely make the wedding décor feel more “alive” and welcoming.

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