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Take a look at traditional VS modern weddings

There’s no doubt that weddings have changed a lot, especially over the course of the last couple of decades. From very formal events veiled in traditions and etiquette to very versatile modern celebrations, weddings have gone a long while What are some of the biggest changes in the wedding world?…

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Great gift ideas for the Groom

You are getting married to the smartest and most amazing man in the entire world – and you surely want to make him feel really happy by your side. Start your marriage with a small attention that shows him just how much he means for you! Offer him a gift…

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Top honeymoon planning tips

Your wedding is going to be more than amazing – and while it is perfectly expectable that you put all of your effort into planning this really important event in your life, it is also more than important to carefully plan your honeymoon too. What are the honeymoon tips all…

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