Choose a cake that accents your seasonal fall wedding beautifully!

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Your wedding cake may not be the big star of the night – but it will definitely help your wedding shine and be absolutely unforgettable. If you plan on having a fall wedding, make sure your wedding cake reflects your theme and that it complements it beautifully.

How to do this? What are the best fall wedding cake ideas? We have gathered some suggestions right below – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Decorate your cake with gorgeous fall flowers (be them real or made from sugar) and it will look so gorgeous! Dahlias, sunflowers, gerbera – these are just some of the prettiest fall options, but don’t limit yourself and allow your creativity to run wild.
  • Extra-décor. Aside from flowers, you can choose to decorate your cake with other fall motifs too. Acorns or maple leaves are especially popular during this season, but you can use whatever else you find attractive. From berries to “fallen” leaves and even apples, there’s a wide range of fall motifs you can use to beautify your wedding cake.

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  • If you want your wedding cake to be really suitable for your fall wedding, make sure its colors are inspired by the season too. Yellow, orange, red, gold, purple and brown are some of the most popular fall colors – so don’t be afraid to incorporate them in your stunning wedding cake.
  • Obviously, you want your fall wedding cake to taste amazing too – and the good news is that you have a magnificent range of flavors to choose from. Infuse your wedding cake with fall flavors such as pumpkin or blueberry and your guests will absolutely love it!

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Photo sources:  nparekhcards Samdogs