Choose a wedding cake with a punch full of flavors your guests will love!


If you are like all brides and grooms-to-be out there, you want your wedding to be flawless and unforgettable from all points of view – and the wedding cake is more than definitely included in this. How to choose a wedding cake that’s full of flavor and has a graceful design? Here are some of the suggestions to inspire you:

  • Geometric shapes, lush sugar roses and delicious cappuccino flavor. Go for a cake that will be delightful for your guests’ eyes and taste buds and they will surely appreciate it. This cake is daring, beautiful and a splendid feast when it comes to taste, so it’s more than worth taking the option into consideration.
  • Stenciled flowers and fruit cake. With summer so hot outside, you may want to go for something lighter in terms of taste – and there’s nothing more suitable for the season other than a delicious fruit cake. Decorate it with delicate stenciled flowers and it will look so gorgeous you will almost not want to slice it when the big moment comes!

Fiori 2

  • White cake, yellow flowers, gold leaves and cardamom cake. If you plan on having a fall wedding, this cake is more than suitable both in terms of the taste it has and in terms of how well it will fit into the golden landscape. For the flowers, combine yellow, orange and dusty pink to create a “look” that truly reminds people of the season outside.

Fiori di Miele can help you plan the most beautiful wedding ever! Our experience, our passion for the entire wedding industry and for making dream weddings come true and our devotement to perfection will all come to your aid in planning the perfect wedding day! Contact us today and find out more about our services!

Photo source:  kimberlykv  Tracy Hunter