Choose Southern Romantic for your wedding theme!

Fiori di Miele

There’s nothing more romantic, more candid and more genuinely unforgettable than a wedding – and if you’re planning your own Big Day, you surely want everything about it to be picture-perfect.

To make sure you bring together décor elements that work wonderfully together, selecting a great wedding theme is very important – and a Southern Romantic theme can be a truly nice touch for your Big Day.

How to pull that off? How to create a Southern-inspired wedding that’s beautiful, unique and full of romance? We have some ideas for you – so read on to find out more.

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  • Abundance of flowers. To create a stunning décor, make sure you invest in flowers that look absolutely gorgeous. Don’t be afraid to go over-the top! Southern brides love their lush wedding florals and you should “embrace” this trend too!
  • Flowy dresses for the special ladies. To make your bridesmaids fit into the décor (and to choose gowns in which they will feel very comfortable and pretty too), settle on flowy designs suitable for just about any body shape. Your bridesmaids will be so beautiful in these dresses!
  • Lounge areas. In general, Southern weddings tend to be less formal than their American “sisters” – so you should also create a very relaxed and casual atmosphere. Organizing a small lounge area (or more of them, spread across the entire venue) is a very good idea and guests will be more than happy with it!
  • Gorgeous location. Want to be absolutely certain your wedding will look romantic and unforgettably unique? Choose a riverside venue with splendid natural backdrop to act as your main piece of “décor”. We guarantee it will be worth every penny!

Searching for someone to help you with all the efforts involved in planning a wedding? We have the experience, the dedication and the know-how you need on your side – so contact Fiori di Miele and we’ll be there for you!

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