Choose sunflowers for your big day blooms

Lively and gorgeous, sunflowers are a uniquely beautiful choice for a wedding day? After all, these miracles of Mother Nature do turn according to the sun and, as a bride-to-be, you are about to follow the sun in your life to. Therefore, these flowers will make for a flawlessly meaningful and stylish choice for your Summer of Fall wedding.

How to do it, though? How to incorporate sunflowers in your Big Day? Here are some inspiring ideas:

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  • In your bouquet. Sunflowers work wonderfully on the white background of wedding gowns – and they are extremely versatile too. For a low-key, elegant look, combine your sunflowers with flowers of a more toned-down yellow. If you want to make your sunflowers make a statement, combine them with white flowers (for a more classic look) or with purple flowers (for a real statement of beauty).
  • In your centerpieces. Sunflowers are excellent choices for rustic-chic weddings (but not only!). They look stunning with wooden pieces and wildflowers, they add a pop of color on a simple, white background and they can work in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings and themes.
  • For your flower girl(s). The adorable flower girl(s) you have chosen for your wedding day will look even cuter carrying lively, playful sunflowers down the aisle. To make sure the basket is not too heavy for her, or simply to add a dash of uniqueness to your flower girl’s look, you can replace the traditional basket with a single sunflower stem – it will look amazing!

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