Choose a unique getaway from your wedding!

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You want your wedding to be unforgettable – both for you as the bride and groom, and for your guests as the “witnesses” you have chosen for this special moment in your life. And while you definitely want to make a huge entrance at your wedding, you also want to make your exit just as memorable as the uniqueness of this event.

How to create a unique getaway from your wedding? Here are some tips to inspire you:

  • On a bicycle. The biking trend has caught on quite seriously in the last few years – and if you’re a couple who loves biking in the outdoors, you will surely love getting away on a beautifully decorated bicycle too. Your guests will have tons of fun watching you wave your goodbye and pedaling your way to marriage happiness!
  • In a vintage car. This one’s a classic – but there’s a very good reason it’s so popular too. Elegant and stylish, a vintage car has the power of making you feel like glamorous old-school Hollywood stars – and that’s something you will surely appreciate on your Big Day!
  • On horses. Want a romantic getaway? What could be more beautiful and closer to nature than riding your ways into the sunset on a pair of beautiful horses? This is the perfect getaway for a country-chic wedding, so if you plan on having your wedding out of the city and into the gorgeousness of Mother Nature, you should at least consider the option. I
  • Romantic carriage. If you want to feel like royalties on your wedding day, you could rent a romantic carriage to make for a grand wedding exit too – and this is absolutely perfect if you want to your Big Day to be inspired by the beautiful fairytales of your childhood.

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Fiori di Miele can help you have a fantastic, unforgettable and truly unique wedding. We provide high-quality wedding planning services meant to ease off the stress on the couple’s shoulders so that they can have a perfect Big Day without worrying about the details. Contact us and find out more about us!

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