Choosing a great themed bar for your wedding will surely please your guests!

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As the host of your wedding, you want everything to be spectacular and unforgettable. You want the most gorgeous dress, the most delicate and romantic flowers and the most amazing atmosphere.

You want your guests to find this day as memorable as you do!

Planning your wedding menu and bar options is extremely important if you want all of your guests to be truly happy with your wedding. And choosing a great themed bar can really add a lot to the entire event, making it even more unique and unforgettable too!

How to do it? How to choose a themed bar that’s really great for your guests? Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

  • Beer. You may not associate beer with fancy events, but the truth is that this popular drink can really make your wedding more special. Choose a good variety of craft beers and organize a bar around this idea – your guests will surely enjoy it!
  • Coffee/hot chocolate bar. In a world in love with these amazing hot drinks, you are guaranteed to have an extremely successful wedding if you plan a special coffee/hot chocolate bar. Make sure to offer your guests a good range of types of coffee, so that they are pleasantly surprised!
  • Bloody Mary. Elegant and unique, Bloody Mary is one of the most popular cocktails of all time – so why not plan a bar centered on this drink? This works perfectly with a brunch or afternoon wedding and it will also provide you with a huge array of toppings and seasonings your guests can use to “craft” the perfect cocktail.

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Searching for a wedding planner to help you with all this (and more)? Contact Fiori di Miele and allow our experience and passion to lie at your disposal! Your wedding is going to be absolutely amazing!

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