Create your big day to represent lavender

As one of the most commonly known fragrant herbs, lavender tends to go be more than well-loved when it comes to many wedding-related ideas. Sure, lavender (as a plant and as a color) has come back in style many times before and brides continue to have a really huge crush on it – but how do you actually pull this off? How do you plan a lavender-inspired wedding that’s gorgeous from all points of view?

We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more!

Fiori Di Miele

  • Lavender touches in the groomsmen’s attire. If you have decided to use lavender as a recurrent color in your wedding day, be sure you do the same with the guys’ attire too. They don’t have to be all dressed in lavender – but a few touches can make a huge difference (such as the bow-tie, the suspenders or the boutonnieres).
  • Lavender in the edible elements. Lavender is not your usual go-to herb in the kitchen – but the truth is that it can work marvelously well when done creatively and attentively. For instance, an entire layer made with fresh lavenders can look superb – and lemonade infused with lavender can be a great option for the non-alcoholic guests at your wedding.
  • Lavender accessories. As the bride, you want to be superb on your wedding day – so we suggest that you accessorize your white dress with lavender-inspired pieces of jewelry inspired by lavender. With a bridal bouquet that includes a bit of lavender (or is made entirely out of lavender), your bridal look will be absolutely complete.

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Photo sources: clevercupcakes Mannia&Titta