Destination weddings are unforgettable! Here are some tips to help you plan yours!

Having a destination wedding is a fabulous idea if you want your Big Day to be truly unforgettable. However, planning such an event could be difficult if you don’t know how to do it the right way. Following, we have gathered some of the very best tips to help you plan your destination wedding – so if you need some help, make sure to read on.


  • Location and time are of the essence. Choosing the perfect location and the perfect time are absolutely crucial for a destination wedding. Make sure you start early so that you can take the best decision for yourself. Also, keep in mind that certain locations may be more expensive during certain times of the year.
  • Visit your location and vendors. Planning a wedding from afar can be even more stressful than many would imagine. Taking the time to actually visit the location and the vendors there is a great idea if you want everything to flow perfectly on your Big Day. If you cannot meet with all of your wedding vendors during this trip, make sure to schedule a video call with them at least.
  • Be considerate of your wedding party. Let them know you are having a destination wedding before you actually ask them to be your bridesmaids/groomsmen. Some of them may find a destination wedding to be unaffordable – so you should be prepared to deal with this as well.
  • Remember that weather is still an important factor. Some of you may assume that the weather on an exotic island is sunny all year round – but that’s not completely true. Inform yourself and make sure to have a backup plan regardless of where exactly you plan to have your wedding.


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