Do you want a stunning Fall wedding? Here are some ideas to inspire you!

For many brides, there’s truly nothing more romantic and beautiful than having a fall wedding. Surrounded by a myriad of stunning colors and flavors, it is definitely understandable why so many couples choose September, October or November for their wedding dates. If you plan on having an unforgettable wedding too, make sure to “steal” some inspiration from the following ideas:

• Dark colors. Sure, most weddings may be bright-colored or pastel-colored, but the truth is that there is absolutely nothing to stop you from having a darker-toned wedding color scheme. As a matter of fact, this will not only put your wedding décor on the fall “color map”, but it will also give it a truly elegant touch as well. Our suggestions? Deep plum shades, black and brown combined with any of the warmer colors of fall (such as red, orange or yellow, for example).

• Fall flavors. Infuse your drinks and your wedding menu with the amazing flavors of this season – and we guarantee your guests will love it. From pumpkin pies (which work perfectly with rustic-chic weddings, by the way) to fancy cocktails made with apple cider and/or cinnamon, there’s an almost unlimited pool of flavors you can take inspiration from – so don’t be afraid to be creative about it!

• Seasonal décor. Aside from colors, there are many other ways to bring fall into your wedding décor. Spray-painted or natural pumpkins, fallen leaves, apples – most of the fall “motifs” can be successfully incorporated into the wedding décor to create a completely unique atmosphere.


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Photo sources: berriehol Symic