Do you want to sell your wedding dress? Here are some tips to help you with this

Picking the perfect and most beautifully-designed wedding gown is very important for every bride-to-be. However, what happens with it once the Big Day is over! While many brides choose to preserve their gowns, the truth is that some find it more profitable to have it sold – and if you belong to the latter group, you should definitely make sure to read on because we have gathered the best tips on how to sell your wedding dress.


  • Make sure your gown is in perfect condition. Have it professionally cleaned and steamed after the wedding, so that it looks as good as new.
  • “Market” your dress with attention to detail. Don’t simply post an announcement on Facebook that you’re selling your gown. Take great pictures of it and post it online. Also, take into consideration the option of having it sold by a thrift store or a “slightly used wedding items” store. Doing all these things will boost your odds at selling the dress for a good price.
  • Speaking of price, make sure you know how to do this correctly as well. If your gown is “younger” than 2 years and if it looks truly great, you can sell it for about 50% of the original price. At the same time, if your gown “wears” a designer’s name on it, you will be able to sell it at 60% of the original price. Either way, you will still be able to recover a large part of the initial price you paid for your wedding dress!


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Photo sources: Chris Photography(王權) Tammra McCauley