Don’t miss out on your wedding gift registry

Your wedding gift registry is one of the best etiquette-approved ways of making sure guests will be able to offer you gifts you actually want and need. How to make the most of it and still stay within the boundaries of wedding “rules”, though? How to create a wedding registry that benefits both you and your guests?

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

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  • First of all, the sooner you start working on your registry, the better it is for everyone. This is a fun activity and it can give you a great head-start for wedding planning – plus, there will most likely be some guests who want to buy a smaller gift for your engagement too, so it would be really great if they could select it from the registry.
  • Secondly, variation is extremely important. Be sure you register with at least 2-3 stores – and be sure your options cover a wide range of products, prices and delivery options as well. This should be an easy process for your guests so, if you can, do select stores that can send the gifts to you directly.
  • Last, but not least, there are many types of gifts you can request – from the classic China to sandwich toasters and even less conventional options, such as honeymoon activities. However, you should NOT settle on anything personal – such as clothing or makeup for example. Also, remember NOT to add any kind of registry details on your wedding invitations either!

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Photo sources: Virginia L. GlitterandFrills