Follow this checklist when booking your wedding ceremony site to make sure nothing is missed!

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Your wedding ceremony is supposed to be truly unforgettable. It should be filled with magic and romance, it should be graceful and, ultimately, it should be absolutely flawless.

Following a clear checklist will help you have the wedding ceremony your love story deserves – so if you want to learn more about planning this huge event, make sure to read on and apply the following tips!

  • The first step to take is finding a ceremony site and an officiant – and make sure you get everything in writing. This will help you avoid any kind of unpleasant surprises later on.
  • Furthermore, check your ceremony site and see if there are any elements you might need to rent. Chairs, huppahs, wire stands for flowers and event arches can be rented – but you should know very precisely what you need.
  • Also, think of the smaller items you might need for your wedding ceremony too. For example, you might need to buy yarmulkes, a unity candle, a ring pillow, a basket for the flower girl and an aisle runner. Take your time in selecting these, as they can have a huge contribution to your wedding’s overall ambiance.
  • Discuss with your wedding officiant and see what his/her standard ceremony is. Ask if you can make changes. Also, research wedding ceremony customs and traditions (be them religious or not) and remember to discuss them with your officiant too.
  • Create a final timeline for the wedding ceremony and decide who will participate in each of them. Make sure everyone knows exactly what they should do during the big moment.

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Searching for a wedding planner who will help you bring together all the minute details of your big day? Fiori di Miele is here for you! Give us a call, find out what we do and hire us for the kind of wedding that’s simply magnificent!

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