I just got engaged, now what?

Yes! I just got engaged and now? Useful advise for a bride to be

The magic of holiday season often brings with it that moment which draws a couple closer than ever with a bent knee, a ring and a simple, yes.

So now you are engaged, your parents and friends have been informed, a lot of champagne has been poured and all is back to normal. Well for everybody else beside the future bride.

In all my years of bridal experience I’ve learned that the mind of a future bride will not rest until the big day will arrives. Everything that a wedding includes from monetary involvement to the organizational part is enough to send anybody into a panic.
It takes about 8 to 12 months to plan and organize a wedding, but where do you start?

Well a common first step newly engaged girls take is looking for a…wedding gown! After all, what little girl doesn’t spend hours dreaming of their perfect dress?