Light up your wedding creatively with some elegant décor

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Creating the perfect wedding décor lies a lot in the details: the flowers, the table linens and even the napkins on the table can all contribute a lot to the final design. Of course, your lighting makes absolutely no exception from this. As a matter of fact, the type of lighting you choose can change the entire aspect of your venue, even if it’s a very simple one.

How to be creative about your wedding lights? Read here and inspire yourself.

  • Festoon lights. If you want to create a whimsical, romantic décor for your wedding, festoon lights are an amazing option. Arrange them as the top of a wedding tent to add height and class to your venue (be it outdoor or indoor) or place them as garlands right over the dance floor to make the spot even more inviting for the guests. And if you want to add a pop of color, replace white festoon lights with Christmas lights in multiple colors.
  • Rustic and unique, lanterns can be used as wedding lighting too. You can use them as part of the centrepieces or you can decorate the venue’s ceiling with them. Also, you can settle for vintage-looking lanterns, but you can also create beautiful paper lanterns (perfect for outdoor wedding décor, for example).
  • If you want to be really romantic and timeless, candles are one of your best lighting options. Arrange them in beautiful candle chandeliers for a magnificent effect or use them as part of the centrepieces to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere on every wedding table.

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