Literally “tie the knot” at your wedding with these unique ideas

Fiori di MieleGetting married is a huge event in anyone’s life – and it should be celebrated in grand style, regardless of how formal or informal the bride and groom want their wedding to be. After all, style does not lie in the level of formality, but in the small details that make the huge differences.

For example, you could create your wedding around the idea of “tying the knot” – and you could bring this metaphor in real, palpable elements of the big day. How to do it? Here are some wonderful ideas to help you “tie the knot”…literally:

  • The bridal sash. No, this wouldn’t be “too much”. In fact, it can look really elegant and stylish – and you can twist the bridal sash bow to the front or leave it on the back, depending on how you want to style up your wedding look.
  • The place cards. Instead of rectangular place cards, create small paper knots with your guests’ names on them. This is a nice touch everyone will surely enjoy!
  • The wedding favors. Of course, what is inside the boxes and the packages is what matters the most. But why not make your wedding favors match your wedding theme too? Add a cute bow or a knot on top of the wedding favor boxes and it will look really amazing.
  • Fiori di Miele 2
  • The wedding cake. A minimal bow, knot or wrap around the wedding cake will also be a great idea. For a stylish touch that will be more than appreciated, we suggest you settle on something minimal, but elegant – such as a simple wrap and a nice knot towards the top tier of the cake.

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Photo sources: clevercupcakes jdpage