Make sure that you do not make any mistakes planning your wedding music

Your wedding music is so, so important for the ambiance at your wedding! After all, you want this day to be completely unique, both for you and for your wedding guests as well – and the music you choose can have a huge “say” in the magical moments you create at your wedding.

What are some of the worst wedding music planning mistakes to avoid? Read on and find out more.

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  • Not actually thinking things through. Both wedding bands and DJs show advantages and disadvantages – and it is highly important that you switch things on all sides and consider them thoroughly before making the final call. Remember! If you’re thinking that a band will be a lot more expensive than a DJ, and if this is the only reason you’re deciding on the latter, rather than the first, you should really re-consider your position. There are a lot of very expensive DJs, just as there are a lot of affordable bands – and many compromise solutions too!
  • Not actually talking to your band or DJ. They are amazing, we’re sure of that. They know what music people like, they know how to ease it in, and they definitely know how to keep a crowd entertained. What they do not know, however, is what type of music you would absolutely want to listen at your wedding. Likewise, they do not know what songs you really don’t want to listen at this event. Talk to your band or DJ about the do’s and don’ts of your Big Day!
  • Not actually planning the pace of your wedding music. You need to ease the guests into that “party mode” that gets everyone on the dance floor. Therefore, make sure you don’t play all those dance songs as soon as the guests step into the reception room! Give them some time to accommodate, to have a bite or two, to have a drink – and then slowly increase the vivacity of your wedding songs.

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