Which musical trend is best for your wedding?

Your wedding music should be perfectly coordinated with the style of the entire night – but even more than that, it should go well with your personality and with who you are as a couple. In many ways, your wedding music is the actual “soundtrack” of your wedding day – so you will definitely want to make sure you choose it the right way!

What are some wedding music trends to inspire you when planning the big day? Read on and find out more.

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  • String bands for the ceremony. Want to add a whimsical, almost magical touch to the wedding ceremony? Hire a strings band or soloist to enchant you and your guests with the sweet, beautiful tunes of a violin, cello or harp. Believe us, it will make everything even more emotional and beautiful!
  • Go for the DJ and for the band. There’s no one to say that you are not allowed to have both at your wedding. For example, you might want to hire a band for the wedding ceremony and a DJ for the reception, precisely because the first part of the event is more sentimental, while the second one is more party-oriented.
  • Old songs with a new twist…or the other way around. Like an old song, but would like to make it feel more contemporary? Ask your DJ or band to find a modern cover for it! Likewise, if you like a new song, but would like to make it feel more traditional, a wedding band can definitely help you with this if you talk to them about it.

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