Planning a vintage wedding? Here are some wedding dress ideas to inspire you:

Vintage weddings have been very popular over the course of the past few years – and understandably so. Gorgeous, unique and filled with timeless elegance, vintage weddings are truly charming in their own way.


If you plan on having a vintage wedding as well, and if you are searching for ideas to inspire you, make sure to read on because we have gathered some of the best vintage wedding tips out there.

  • 1920s wedding. If you want your vintage wedding to be inspired by the Roaring Twenties, make sure everything about it is opulent and full of grace. Lavish ornaments, Art-Deco décor and tubular dresses are all part of the 1920s fashion – so it would be a great idea if you included them in your wedding too.
  • 1950s wedding. Want your Big Day to be inspired by Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor? This would be a truly unique idea! Crinoline skirts, ballerina-length wedding dresses, bateau or sweetheart necklines – these are some of the most popular elements of the decade. Combine them with bits and pieces of the 1950s glam and your wedding will surely be unforgettable!
  • 1970s wedding. When the hippie movement became mainstream, everyone started to take inspiration from the Woodstock fashion. If you plan on having a wedding inspired by the 70s, make sure you pick a long, airy and feminine dress with flared sleeves. Pair everything with platforms, a choker necklace and a flower crown to truly complement your gorgeous boho-chic look!


Regardless of what theme you may choose for your wedding, Fiori di Miele can help you make sure everything turns out flawless. Contact us, find out more about our wedding planning services and book us if you want your Big Day to be unforgettable!

Photo source: Samantha Jade Royds beautiful-dissaster