When planning your wedding cake, don’t forget to ask your baker these questions:

Every detail of the big day should be planned with careful attention to detail – and your wedding cake makes no exception from the rule. How to find the best baker? What are some of the questions you should definitely ask before signing on the dotted line? We have gathered them right below – so read on, find out more, and be prepared to have the best wedding cake your guests have ever seen.


  • Are they available for your wedding date? This may seem very basic, but the truth is that it is the very first question you need to ask, before you dive into the other details. Talk about their availability for your big day and make sure your cake will be ready for your wedding. At the same time, keep in mind that most bakers get cakes ready in advance (precisely because certain clients’ wedding dates may overlap) – so don’t forget to ask how far in advance your cake will be done as well. The sooner to the wedding date it is, the fresher the cake will be for your special day.
  • How much will the cake actually cost? If you ask about a price for each slice, you can calculate how much the entire cake will cost. However, ask about any kind of additional costs too (including how much it will cost for you to cancel everything).
  • Who will be involved in creating the cake? Your baker cannot do everything on his/her own – which is precisely why he/she has gathered a team of people to help with the cake baking and design. Ask about these people, so that you know those with whom you will have to communicate throughout the entire process.

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