What is a wedding planner’s role?

People often confuse a venue’s events coordinator with a wedding planner. Some think we’re the same thing as a venue planner. Let me try to explain. While a venue coordinator can be a valuable tool to those brides who choose not to have a wedding planner, a venue coordinator or events coordinator is not a wedding planner. Their responsibilities and areas of concern differ greatly from those of an outside professional. While an events coordinator attends to all the details of your reception at his venue, his first concern is to make sure his venue is protected by fulfilling its contract to you. A wedding planner is your personal consultant who will orchestrate the planning and execution of every detail of your dream wedding from the moment you hire us until the last detail of post-wedding plans has been handled.
From the initial planning stages to wedding day preparations, your wedding planner is there with you for every decision.
On your wedding day, your wedding planner is the guide on the side who attends to time management of the ceremony, processional, recessional, cocktail hour transition, grand entrance, speeches, dancing. The wedding planner prompts the MC and vendors, troubleshoots,and ensures quality control and attends to all those personalized details. If you want us to do so, we will take over the reins a month before your wedding leaving you time to be fully focused on being a bride, enjoying a stress-free last few weeks.

Do you have a list of area vendors and venues?

While we have a mental catalogue of all our wonderful vendors, we are always on the lookout for new vendors and venues. This valuable network of our tried-and-true wedding contacts—and our constant search for new and exciting vendors and venues—are just part of our service. There is absolutely no additional cost. No commissions. No kickbacks. You get our years of nurturing good relations with Bay Area wedding vendors and our tons of experience for free when you book your Bay Area wedding with us.

I want a Bay Area wedding but I don’t live anywhere near the Bay Area. How can I do this?

A lot of Bay Area weddings we plan are for couples that do not reside here! This is no big hurdle for us. WE are here! WE know the venues, vendors, and have wonderful contacts with hundreds of fabulous wedding suppliers.

Do you organize destination weddings?

Yes we do. It’s one of our favorite things. If you don’t have a specific destination in mind, come and talk to us. We’ve arranged destination weddings at many major resorts in Mexico, the Caribbean, the Pacific and many other locales. Let’s discuss which location would work best for your dream wedding.

What is a destination wedding?

A destination wedding is any ceremony in which the engaged couple and/or a most of their guests must travel significant distances to attend the wedding. Distances traveled may vary from a few hours’ by car to days of international travel by plane.

What are the advantages of a destination wedding?

There are several advantages of a destination wedding. Here are some:


Imagine the fun and romance of having your special day in a unique and exotic locale! If you and your partner have romantic nostalgia around a location, this is your chance to relive those special memories—and make some new ones. If you’ve always dreamed of going to a certain place or wanted to be a barefoot bride in a beach setting with gently lapping waves and a beautiful sunset, this is your opportunity.


Destination weddings can meet various budgets. Most resorts offer special packages and these deals are increasingly cheaper depending upon how many in the wedding party or wedding guests plan to stay for the rest of the week—or longer.

If you factor in the added costs for your honeymoon in a different location, then a destination wedding/honeymoon/guests vacation becomes less and less expensive and more financially attractive.

Hotels and resorts in popular wedding destinations provide all-inclusive packages for every budget. You can save on many of these packages compared to a wedding in North America.


Many popular hotels and resorts have several all-inclusive packages that save you hours of shopping, booking, double checking, and adding last-minute items. These packages take a huge amount of stress out of planning a wedding.

Guest List:

Most destination weddings have a shorter guest list. Perhaps because it was a destination wedding the list was smaller to begin with and/or many guests decided the destination wasn’t within their budget or they couldn’t afford the time away. A smaller guest list makes for a more intimate celebration. Wedding crashers find it almost impossible to show up at an intimate wedding. The wedding couple gets a chance to really visit with their guests.

Less Stress:

Some wedding couples spend inordinate amounts of time discussing and planning and booking, and—alas—arguing about minute wedding details for months or even years. With a destination wedding as little as one call or booking through our service avoids all the anxiety, arguing, input from too many people and sleepless nights.

In these days of modern technology, much of the discussion can be done by using the Internet or email. You have no hassle about choosing venue, vendors, flowers, the cake, decorations—or even your dress if you opt for the whole wedding planning service.


A weddingmoon is a combined wedding and honeymoon all rolled into one. Again, no stress! After you’ve said good-bye to your last guest at your wedding ceremony and reception, your work is done. You’re already at your honeymoon location.

Do you organize Ethnic Weddings?

Our wedding coordinators love to do ethnic weddings.

Ethnic wedding traditions represent the culture, values and beliefs of your country of origin. Many wedding traditions are symbolic. Others beautiful traditions reveal the superstitious nature of the culture. Irish wedding traditions emphasize good luck. African wedding traditions incorporate the joining of two families. Greek wedding traditions highlight fertility. Whether your ethnic wedding incorporates traditions from Japan, Israel, China,or Scotland your ethnic wedding should honor the sanctity of marriage, new beginnings, and family.

Many modern couples want to acknowledge their heritage by following the traditions of their family roots. Some couples combine ethnic wedding traditions, ethnic wedding attire, and ethnic food to create a wedding that is uniquely their own. Let our wedding coordinators help you combine romance, history, and ethnic heritage into your wedding celebration. Let’s talk. We can help you make of your wedding a unique experience rooted in ethnic tradition.