Save some money within your wedding budget with these tips

Weddings are undoubtedly expensive, even when they are not ultra-luxurious. Therefore, considering not everyone can afford paying a small fortune or breaking the bank for the Big Day, it is only natural that there are so many brides interested in pulling off perfect events on tighter budgets.

The good news? It’s more than doable – and following, we have gathered some tips for you:


  • You don’t have to wear a wedding dress.In fact, wearing just about any type of beautiful, elegant dress (white or non-white) is more than acceptable. For example, you could look at bridesmaids’ dresses in white and see if you like any of them – they are way cheaper than actual wedding gowns, and they can still look utterly sophisticated and stylish.
  • Looking to save money on the band? Search for a local musical school and listen to the students there. You might be surprised at how amazing they can be! Plus, they can work a wedding for a fraction of what a well-known band would ask, so the idea is more than worth considering at least.
  • Skip the wedding favors. They are cute, and guests appreciate them – but, at the end of the day, they will be more than happy without them too. Save yourself some money and donate it to a charity you believe in instead – then, let guests know you have done this in their names by leaving a small card on their tables. It’s a nice gesture people will actually love!
  • Buy used wedding décor. There are plenty of places where this can be done and you can find amazing-looking items for a lot less than their original price. And if you’re looking for inexpensive, but truly unique wedding décor pieces, try searching on Etsy and other similar sites – they are more than generous with the offer!
  • Careful with the venue you choose! Avoid places where you have to rent everything – from the chairs, to the curtains. Also, avoid summer in general, as it tends to be the priciest season for weddings (and you can still have a fantastic wedding day in fall, winter or early spring too).


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Photo sources: Wedding Photography by Jon Day QueenstownRafting