Personalize your boutonnieres in a unique way

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Your wedding boutonnieres may be small – but they are just as important as all the other wedding elements, so you should pay extra-attention to how you choose them. If you want your boutonnieres to go beyond matching colors and flowers, and if you want to add a bit of your own personality into the mix, be sure to check out the following ideas – they are truly creative!

  • A dash of luxury. You don’t need to have really expensive boutonnieres to make everything look more stylish and opulent. A small golden or silvery detail can really “upgrade” the boutonnieres, making them look more expensive and exquisite. This is perfect for brides and grooms who want to nail the perfect luxury wedding look, regardless of what budget they may have.

Fiori di Miele 2 - 2

  • A bit of playfulness. Are you planning a casual wedding? Infuse it with some of the things you love most in life and be a little childish with your boutonnieres! Adding toys or other whimsical, geeky touches can bring these accessories to a whole new level of uniqueness. For example, imagine how adorable your boutonnieres will be if you include small Lego figurines in them!
  • A touch of sporty. In love with sports? There’s absolutely no reason not to include a “sporty” touch with your boutonnieres! A small, but stylish baseball bat, a symbol of your favorite football team or any other meaningful, sports-inspired detail – these small changes can make your boutonnieres look really unique and personal!

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