Take a look at traditional VS modern weddings

There’s no doubt that weddings have changed a lot, especially over the course of the last couple of decades. From very formal events veiled in traditions and etiquette to very versatile modern celebrations, weddings have gone a long while

What are some of the biggest changes in the wedding world? Take a look at traditional vs. modern weddings:

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  • The bouquet toss. The bouquet toss tradition is drawn from an older tradition where the women invited at a wedding would tear out pieces of the bride’s dress as she was walking out of the wedding. These days, the bride tosses a bouquet to a group of single ladies and the one who catches it is said to be the luckiest one from a romantic point of view.
  • The honeymoon. Until not very long ago, brides and grooms used to leave for their honeymoon immediately after the wedding – and they usually spent one full month away. These days though, many couples prefer scheduling their honeymoon at a later date (and some of them even split their honeymoon in two or three smaller vacations in different locations).
  • The wedding veil. Back when most weddings were arranged, the point of the wedding veil was that of covering the bride’s face, so that the groom can’t see her until they are pronounced husband and wife. These days, the veil is either a stylish accessory or a symbol of modesty – but it never bears the same kind of importance as it used to.

Regardless of what you choose – to be traditional or extremely modern – you can rest assured that Fiori di Miele will help you plan the most amazing wedding your guests have ever been to. Contact us, learn more about our wedding planning services and hire us for your dream Big Day!

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