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Franca Aschenbrenner and her Company, Fiori di Miele, did an amazing job on my wedding! Our wedding turned out better than I could have ever dreamt and I know we couldn’t have gotten there without Franca. Franca helped us find some amazing vendors and kept us on track through the wedding planning process. She also approached everything with a close eye on the details to ensure everything was in line with our vision. Also, it was very important to my family to have some italian traditions in our wedding and Franca was able to make these come to life. You will be in good hands with Franca!

Christie and Mark
Christie and Mark in San Francisco

— Christie and Mark

Everything was great, exactly how we wanted it to be! We couldn’t have hoped for anything better. Thank you for all the precious suggestions

Marta and Mark
Marta and Mark in Colorado

— Marta and Mark

A huge thanks to our stunning and wonderful wedding planner! You have the most amazing contacts for a wedding to turn out perfect and know how to keep bride and groom calm and to think of every little detail.
To have had someone of such experience close to us gave us the certainty that our special day was going to turn out perfect.

Barbara and Lorenzo
Barbara e Lorenzo in Rome

— Love, Barbara and Lorenzo