The mother of the groom is very important, make sure she is included in your wedding!

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The mother of the groom is obviously important – without her, the man of your dreams would not have been the person you know today. If you want to make sure she feels included in your wedding, ensure that she has plenty of tasks to run when it comes to it because this will definitely make her happy. Here are some of the most important duties mothers of the groom should accomplish:

  • Hosting a dinner for the parents of the bride and to introduce the bride-to-be to your side of the family. Although the bride may be familiar with most of them, this formality is usually still respected because, in the end, it is yet another way to celebrate the engagement.


  • Helping the couple with the guest list. Usually, the mother of the groom will ask the couple how many guests she can invite before putting anyone on the list.
  • Attending the bridal shower and bringing a gift. Mothers of the groom are usually invited to the bridal shower. Thus, you should not forget to remind your bridal shower planner that she should invite your future husband’s mother too.
  • Coordinating her dress with that of the bride’s mother. Although she will definitely do not have to wear the same kind of dress as the mother of the bride, she may still want to coordinate it with hers because it will look better in the pictures.
  • Standing in the receiving line to help the bride and groom welcome all of the guests.
  • Dancing with her son at the wedding. Most of the times, this happens during the “special dances” section of the reception, when the bride dances with her father too.

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Photo Credit: Laura Klein