Want to use your wedding décor even after the Big Day is over? Here are some clever ideas!

Leave aside the fact that everything wedding-related seems to cost a small fortune, brides and grooms very frequently face another issue as well: most of their wedding items will only be used once.

That doesn’t have to be the case with your wedding décor, if you don’t want it. In fact, by choosing your décor the smart way, you will be actually able to incorporate it into your new home. Here are some clever ideas to inspire you in doing this:
• Fancy table linens. You don’t have to toss your wedding table linens as soon as the Big Day is over. In fact, you can use them on most of the special events in your future home as well. Just imagine how gorgeously glamorous your wedding table linens will look on your Christmas table!
• Paper lanterns. You don’t have to get rid of your outdoor wedding’s paper lanterns either. Why would you do that when they could look amazing on your porch? Add a bit of playfulness and grace by decorating your front yard with the same paper lanterns you used to decorate your outdoor wedding venue.
• “Fake” suitcases. Many couples choose to use these as place card holders or as other pieces of décor at their wedding. And truth be told, there’s absolutely no reason not to take these home with you and use them around your house to store items in a pretty way!

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