Warm up your wedding with some hot fall cocktails!

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If you are among the lucky brides planning your wedding in the fall, you know very well why you chose this beautiful season as the “host” of your Big Day. There’s nothing to compare with it when it comes to romanticism, beauty and grace, really!

However, keep in mind that the cool weather outside needs to be “balanced out” with the perfect environment for your guests. And if you want them to be even more “warmed up”, why not offer some delicious hot cocktails for your fall wedding? We have gathered some of the best ideas out there – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Mulled wine. Delicious and full of flavour, a cup of mulled wine with cinnamon, sugar and a slice of orange can bring a smile on any face. Try this drink for your wedding and we guarantee all of your guests will love it!
  • Hot apple cider. Thankfully, there are a lot of cocktail recipes based on hot apple cider – so you will surely find something to suit you, your guests and your wedding style too. The spices, the apple flavor – they will go perfectly with the whole fall atmosphere!
  • Irish coffee and rum hot chocolate. This is the kind of sweet treat no guest will ever say “no” to, that’s something we guarantee! And if you want to make it really fun, organize a DIY bar where your guests can add their own favorite alcoholic drinks and/or toppings into their coffee/hot chocolate.

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