Your wedding is important, make sure it reflects your religious views!

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Your wedding ceremony should definitely reflect who you are and what you believe in – regardless of whether or not you both pertain to the same religious denomination or not. What happens when you have to plan an inter-faith ceremony, though? What are some of the most important things to keep in mind in such situations?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • First and foremost, communicate with each other. This is the key ingredient to every happy relationship – and how you plan your wedding should be part of this. Talk to your partner and discuss about the wedding traditions you want incorporated in the Big Day. Are there any religious customs he really wants at his wedding? Is there anything you or your family wouldn’t want to give up on? Talk about these things and create a ceremony that reflects what both of you are all about.
  • Once you have decided what to do, talk to your wedding ceremony officiant too. He/she should know very well how the ceremony will “flow” – so make sure you don’t forget about anything. Experienced officiants will know how to make an inter-faith wedding happen in a smooth and flawless way – but they do need to be informed on what you actually want of your Big Day.
  • If, at any moment, you feel that your wedding ceremony officiant is not up for the task (or that he/she is reluctant to your ideas), don’t be shy and talk to him/her about this. Remember, it is crucial to have a ceremony officiant who really understands you, so if you feel that yours will not be able to do this, don’t be afraid to search for another officiant. It will be for the best!

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