Your wedding seating should be creatively displayed

Everything at your wedding should speak about you, about the beautiful hopes you have for your future, and about the story that brought you so far. Considering how important the wedding seating is for a successful wedding, it will definitely not make any exception from the rule.

How do you make sure your wedding seating is genuinely creative, though? Here are some wonderful tips to inspire you:

Fiori di Miele

  • A pretty vintage mirror. Planning a vintage wedding? Use a vintage-framed mirror to write the names of the guests and the assigned tables. The mirror will add extra-light to your wedding space and it will be more than noticeable by guests who have just entered the reception room.
  • Carved typography. Perfect for outdoor weddings, a large wooden panel with pretty carved typography on it can also be a gorgeous choice. Make sure you choose a unique style that reflects your personality and your relationship!
  • Cute birds. In love with nature and birds? Why not use this to name your wedding tables – and help guests find their assigned seats? Design some beautiful bird-inspired cards, group them according to the species (one for each table) and write guests’ names on the cards. Such a beautiful idea!
  • Sweet seats. If you and your future spouse share a severe sweet tooth, bring this into your wedding in a playful and humorous way. Don’t name your wedding tables – draw different types of sweets you like and use these to group the guests around the different available tables.

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Photo sources: emily @ go haus go DoNotLick