Wedding traditions have been around for ages, but here are some of the top ones you can skip:

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Everybody knows that, most of the time, weddings are very formal and even downright traditional events. If you want to stick to tradition, but if you don’t want to go “all the way”, you should know that there are certain wedding traditions and “customs” you can skip for your own Big Day. What are these traditions and why aren’t they mandatory? Read on and find out more.

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  • Not seeing each other before the ceremony. Of course, if you think that this will actually bring “bad luck”, you can definitely stick to it. But if you want to see each other and if you feel that this would shed some of the anxiety, you can definitely do whatever you want! Plus, a “first look” photo session looks absolutely amazing in wedding albums and it is worth giving a thought at least!
  • Having a white wedding dress. Again, if you really want a white dress, there’s nobody to stop you from having it. But keep in mind that it goes the other way around too. These days, there’s a marvelous variety of colors available when it comes to wedding gowns. Red, blush pink, silver, champagne, black-and-white – you name it and a designer has surely thought of it already.
  • Various “rules” related to the wedding party. Your bridesmaids do not absolutely have to be all female – and his groomsmen do not have to be all male either. Furthermore, they don’t need to wear matching dresses. You can find a common theme/motif they could stick to (a variety of colors or shades of the same color, for example), but there’s no actual “law” when it comes to how to do this.

Here at Fiori di Miele, we help couples organize perfect weddings inspired by the European fashion. No matter how traditional or non-traditional you want your Big Day to be, rest assured that our planning professionals will help you out! Just give us a call!