Your wedding should have some unconventional elements

Your wedding is a totally unique moment in your life – so it should be infused with everything you and your loved one are. Sure, etiquette may say certain things are not appropriate – and while it is definitely advisable to listen to some of these tips of advice, it is also important to create a wedding that’s genuinely all about you!

How to add unconventional, fun elements to your wedding? We have some wonderful ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

May 21, 2011 Coastal View Resort Sto. Domingo Legazpi City

  • Personalize your wedding aisle. Forget about the traditional red carpet! Do things differently at your wedding ceremony! If you are having your wedding in a non-religious location and the site manager allows you to do this, change the classic wedding aisle with something completely unique – such as an aisle cover that jots down the most important moments in your relationship.
  • Bring in childish games. Looking for a really unique way of entertaining your guests? Think of a childhood nostalgia game you know everyone loves and bring it into your wedding day. For example, an inflatable house will be the kind of game none of your guests will be able to resist it.
  • Rent a food car. These ones are more than popular these days – and not without reason. They are fun, they have a nostalgic touch to them. A food cart based on ice-cream or any other product will surely bring a huge smile on your guests’ faces.

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