Write your wedding vows with ease with these tips

Your wedding vows are so, so important – and not only for the success of the Big Day itself, but also for the happiness of your future marriage too! How do you write wedding vows that are honest, raw, emotional and truly unforgettable? We have some amazing tips for you – so read on and find out more.

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  • Run away from the city and go somewhere nice. It doesn’t have to be something ultra-fancy – but something that will bring the two of you closer together. A cabin in the woods, a city-break, camping – whatever you want, it will surely do the trick. Spend time with each other and come back home with a new, fresher outlook on your wedding (and wedding vows too).
  • Interview the couples you truly admire. They may be your parents or your grandparents, your auntie and uncle or simply a couple you know. Talk to them. What are the things that “glue” their marriage? What did they promise to each other in their wedding vows? Learn from other couple’s experience to create your own unforgettable wedding vows!
  • Infuse yourselves with all those small things you love as a couple. The songs you listened when you first got together, the movies you have watched together and loved, the books you both really appreciate – they all say something about you as individuals and as a couple too. They can all inspire you to say the most beautiful and emotional things in your wedding vows, precisely because they will remind you about those core values you both believe in!

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