Your ceremony altar doesn’t have to be plain, take a look at some unique ideas that are sure to stun your guests!

No other two words have as much power as the everlasting, magical “I Do”. As bride and groom-to-be, you surely want this huge moment to be absolutely marvelous, from every single point of view – and the way your ceremony altar looks can be extremely important when it comes to this.
How to make sure your ceremony altar isn’t plain, but really unique and beautiful? We have gathered some ideas – so read on, inspire yourself and leave your guests stunned at how gorgeous your altar is!
Wooden signs. Personalize your ceremony with a cute and meaningful wooden message. Hang it above your altar and it will surely make everything look more unique and more personal!
A flower arch. Want your ceremony to look romantic and delicate? Talk to your florist about creating a flower arch for your ceremony altar. It will offer your big moment a touch of sensitivity, grace and naturalness and it will contribute to making everything even more special.

Pinwheels. Have a playfully romantic ceremony altar by creating a beautiful arrangement with pinwheels. Match them to the colors of your wedding theme, hang them above your heads and let them do their unique “magic” – it will look amazing!
Trees. Let your ceremony altar be in the middle of nature to add a very unique touch to the big moment. Having trees “guard” your big “I Do” is an amazing choice, especially if you want your wedding to be inspired by the elegance of the American South.
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Photos source: tmarsee530