Your wedding guest book can be bland, put a twist on it and make it exciting!

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Having a wedding guest book is not absolutely mandatory – but it is a nice addition especially if you want to keep “souvenirs” from the Big Day. If you do decide to have a guest book though, make sure you choose a unique design for it. Here are some wonderful, creative ideas to inspire you in creating the perfect guest book:

  • A globe. If you and your spouse are in love with travelling, you will surely love this idea. Take a globe and transform it into a unique guest book by simply asking guests to sign on it. You can ask them to sign wherever they want or, to make this even more fun, on the spots they would like you to visit as a couple.
  • A family tree mural. There are tons of places online where you can find gorgeous handmade family tree murals (and other types of similar murals). They are inexpensive and they can successfully replace a traditional guest book. Your guests will love the idea of signing on these!
  • CDs/vinyl’s. If you are both big fans of music, you can bring this into your guest book ideas too. Instead of a notebook, use old CDs (or even better, vinyl’s – especially if you plan on having a vintage-inspired wedding).
  • A jar. You don’t have to choose an expensive creative guest book alternative. In fact, a beautifully decorated jar or bottle can look absolutely cute. Just ask your guests to put their “messages” in the bottle. And if you want to add even more excitement to the idea, ask them to sign the “guest book” by providing you a date night idea.
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