Your wedding party needs to bond! Here are some fun ideas to bring all of them together!

Choosing the bridesmaids and the groomsmen is, many times, one of the most difficult wedding-related tasks both brides and grooms have to go through. Once you have done this though, keep in mind that if the wedding party is not part of the same social circle, things may get awkward for everyone when the final Big Day arrives.



  • Organize a karaoke party. There’s something magic about karaoke parties that brings awkwardness and fun together into the same “pot” – and this is one of the main reasons this kind of parties make for excellent bonding moments. Organize a karaoke party for your bridesmaids and groomsmen and you will all have tons of fun together.
  • Plan a brunch. Food brings people together – and we know this because some of our most important life events almost always include some kind of dishes on the table. If you want your wedding party to get to know each other over delicious plates, organize a brunch for everyone. There’s a huge variety of foods you can choose from and, most of all, your bridesmaids and groomsmen will not have the excuse of “not being a morning person” for not socializing.
  • Organize a barbecue party. Simple, inexpensive and fun, barbecue parties are informal enough to allow everyone to actually get to know each other. Throw in some good music, hot dogs, burgers and beer and your wedding party members will surely love the idea.


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Photo sources: Cody Ryan Reigle chrisamichaels